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Can we expect more element variants in the future?
Often, there is only 1 option available and we have to work with that.
1-2 more per element would be a nice addition, to be honest.

I just came across the tabs element and I was forced to use the only option available, again.
Movedo had some more options if I remember correctly, also inside the accordion element.

At least, the one which is available is really simple and it is easy to change things.
A modern solution where I see more and more frequently is the following one:


Just something I quickly threw together but something that would be so amazing to have it in-built.
Yeah, just an example, as I would really appreciate some more overall element styling options.

I also asked that some time back, when using Movedo and I really think this would be a very tiny but useful feature for tabs.
There could be an option that transitions the tab height smoothly, dependend on the different tab content, when clicking through tabs. The user experience would be so much better.
Would you consider this in the future?