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Forums Policy

Greatives Hub is an environment where customers can ask questions and share information about Greatives products. Discussion group topics will be publicly available worldwide only for Impeka buyers. Greatives encourages you to participate by posting questions or providing input or answers to questions from other users.

Ground Rules

To maintain a constructive, informative, and helpful environment for the forums, Greatives reviews messages and may edit or remove those that don’t adhere to the following ground rules:

  1. Do not post messages that are inflammatory, nonconstructive, or at odds with the aims of the discussion topics.
  2. Do not post messages that contain offensive language or references or personal attacks against other members.
  3. Do not post messages that advocate software piracy.
  4. Do not post duplicate or test messages.
  5. Do not post the same message in multiple discussion groups.
  6. Do not post non-constructive messages about Impeka or other software products and services.
  7. Do not post unsolicited messages (including “spams”).

Failure to adhere to these terms may terminate your ability to post topics or reply to messages in the discussion groups.

Additional Information

Without using customer names or identifying information, Greatives reserves the right to republish content from the Greatives Hub.