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Quick fix, until there might be an in-built option. Wouldn’t recommend as an long-term solution. PHP would be the route there.

jQuery(document).ready(function( $ ){
  	$('.grve-post-item .grve-read-more').addClass('grve-btn-text grve-text-black grve-btn-line grve-line-bottom');
  	$('.grve-post-item .grve-read-more').find('svg').remove();
  	$('.grve-post-item .grve-read-more').contents().wrap('<div class="grve-btn-inner"></div>');
  	$('.grve-post-item .grve-read-more .grve-btn-inner').append("<span class='grve-line grve-bg-black'></span>");
  	$('.grve-post-item .grve-read-more span').css( { marginRight : "0" } );

Don’t forget do wrap the code inside script tags, Wordfence doesn’t allow me to post it that way here.
You might need to adjust some CSS classes like “grve-text-black”, etc. Or substitute the CSS classes to your needs. All button varations are easily achievable.
Don’t foget to prefix with your custom CSS class to target only your preferred sections.

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