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Yeah, for me, SEOPress is the way to go. So feature-rich but light-weight at the same time. Super clean UI, not to mention the pricing. I just love it.

Any reason you use 2 different contact form plugins? CF7 might also not the right choice for a super optimized website.
You could also check out WSForm. It’s a pretty new plugin with newest coding standards. Might be worth it, not only performance-wise.

Since you are using Shortpixel, I haven’t seen any generated WebP versions of your images on your website. You should consider doing that.
At least, it didn’t show up inside the network log and it also passed the Google audit (somehow?). I might be wrong here.

Have you already tried WP Rocket in combination with Perfmatters? It simply works wonders.
Sure, there are many options you won’t need, since you are already on a high performance hosting.
If you target a solid 95+ desktop score and a 75+ mobile score, you should definitely give it a try.
Your pages are not that big and it would be definitively achievable, even with your dynamic portfolio and blog elements.

But you should always have in mind, that a good and smooth user experience weights higher than any numbers on various website scoring sites (basic optimizations provided).