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agreed maybe I need to try a different plug-in for SEO, I like Rank Math, but maybe its to heavy. I hear good things about SEOPress, what do you use?

I’m using GridPane and I have this site on a Digital Ocean 3 GB Memory / 60 GB Disk / LON1 – Ubuntu 18.04.3 (LTS) x64 server all though its only 1 core, and has a handful of sites on it. I think I may try to migrate this site to its own at least dual core server and rerun the same tests.

Plug-ins is pretty light. Heres a list….

Active Plugins (16)
Gravity Forms
v2.5.5.1 – by Gravity Forms More
Antispam Bee
v2.9.4 – by pluginkollektiv More
Contact Form 7
v5.4.1 – by Takayuki Miyoshi More
Yoast Duplicate Post
v4.1.2 – by Enrico Battocchi and Team Yoast More
Envato Market
v2.0.6 – by Envato More
GridPane Redis Object Cache
v1.5.6 – by Version Forked by GridPane | Till Krüss More
Impeka Core Extension
v1.1.0 – by Greatives Team More
Impeka WPBakery Extension
v1.1.2 – by Greatives Team More
Smash Balloon Instagram Feed
v2.9.1 – by Smash Balloon More
WPBakery Page Builder
v6.6.0 – by Michael M – WPBakery.com More
Nginx Helper
v2.2.2 – by rtCamp More
v2.0.23 – by Yehuda Hassine More
Safe SVG
v1.9.9 – by Daryll Doyle More
Rank Math SEO
v1.0.65 – by Rank Math More
ShortPixel Image Optimizer
v4.22.2 – by ShortPixel More
UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore
v2.16.58.25 – by UpdraftPlus.Com, DavidAnderson More

Most site optimisation is done by the theme, and server stack. Using ShortPixel to optimise images.

I’ve been investigating with Thanasis, and it seems that their is some issue with the feature image section at the head of the page. He is looking in to this. This warning is only present in Google Measure and is not present in GTMetrix. See 2 images, showing featured section off and featured section on, 2.5 seconds different.
featured element on
featured element off
and the offending code
featured element
I’ve also tested this on another site, using Crocal, and the same warning is present. But again only in Google Measure, not in GTMetrix. And this is only a single image featured element. Very odd.

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