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11.) “Top-Bar left” Contact Forms (I only tested with CF7) are not being displayed, when clicking the icon. Sliding modal keeps blank.

12.) When using the Page Template “Scrolling Full Screen Sections”, as soon as you set a Row Background Type “Image” or an Inner Row Background Type “Image”, it will skip the Section, when scrolling the 1st time to that Section.
Tested on Windows, multiple devices – Chrome and Firefox.
You can just check your own demo “Scrolling Page” for that. It is the 4th section that’s being skipped (“Need Support?”)
It was already mentioned on your support desk, but I guess the user didn’t describe the issue well enough, so you couldn’t investigate (see ticket #2772330).

13.) When Footer Bar is enabled and set to be centered, there should be no margin to top of the second footer area (which is predefined for menu, socials, text), when it is set to “hide” and it only displays the Copyright Text field.
Currently this prevents the Copyright text being vertically centered, as it adds a margin of 6px from the empty column below.