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Thank you Kosmas, for taking your time to discuss things with the community.
My personal opinion is the following.

With the current implementation of menu item buttons, we have the most possible freedom in a theme I ever experienced.
I was just a bit confused, because the default color of the button option makes actually nothing – no matter which kind of header, unlike the outline default color. At least on my end this is the case. So why don’t just remove it?

With all the freedom we have, I think there are just too many possible cases with all the different headers and their own defined background colors, especially with the overlapping header, where you just can’t predict the background color of the first page section, so you can’t for the button background.

Just a quick, very basic example here:
– A white button with black text color, using header overlapping with a blue background color section, will just disappear after scroll, having a white sticky header. Only the black text will be visible, the button shape won’t.
There are many more possibilities with contrast issues of page backgrounds or all the different header possibilietes like default, light, dark, sticky, etc.

I guess you just have to find the right balance in your color palette. You still have the opportunity to override the button color per page with just 1 line of custom CSS, maybe 2 if you have to adjust the sticky header button colors or hover state, too.

Additional options for button colors per header type (default, light, dark, sticky) would the only way that makes sense, imo.
But would that be an overkill? Is it too specific?

I would love to hear other opinions on that.
Buttons in the menu can be more tricky (color-wise), than someone would expect, unless you encounter issues here and there.
Actually, I am not even sure what to think about this topic. Sure thing, I don’t need something like that necessarily.
But what about you, guys? Sometimes you just need some options available for your clients, so they can make changes easily.

I know you are a small team and focussing your resources on the roadmap and/or more useful features/improvements might be the better bet here.