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Great idea, Dan.

I also prefer the idea of having the icons in the header, rather than transfer the actual elements into the responsive mobile menu section, like it is done with contact forms, search, etc.
All these elements being accessible inside the responsive menu area only might not result in a great experience, if a user doesn’t know where to find the elements quickly.
The problem seems to be the limited space on mobile devices, which is available beside the logo and menu icon (plus potentially the menu label).
And unfortunately, there is still no option to place custom content inside the actual header itself – such like a link, a button, a text field for a phone-number, etc. All content is transferred inside the menu area, except 2-3 predefined icons.
Did you also come accross this issue in the past, customizing the responsive header, Dan? If so, how did you solve it?
Maybe there are some great solutions out there I don’t know so far.

What Kosmas mentioned is definitely a step into the right direction and I appreciate that they are constantly trying to improve the front-end user experience for the final product, as well as the available options we can select to achieve specific designs and layouts.

It is a difficult design decision, how this feature will get implemented, but I am sure, Kosmas and the team will do their best as always.