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Hey Bernhard,

as far as I am aware, unfortunately this is not possible at the moment (I might also missing something). 3px border-radius is the current default and can’t be changed inside the WP menu item options. What you tried to change is just the default button settings, which has no effect to the menu items.

Since the border style is controlled by the “grve-link-wrapper” class, you don’t even can just insert a predefined class like “grve-extra-round” or custom class via the WP menu settings. You are only able to add classes to its direct parent (list class) or child class (link class), not the actual class (wrapper class) istelf.

So there are 2 options you have to get around at the moment.

1.) Write your own CSS. You can target your desired menu item by adding your own class inside the “CSS class” field. You might enable this option first via the screen settings which can be found on the top right inside the WP menu settings. Just check the CSS classes field under “advanced menu properties”. After that it should be no problem to style your desired menu item.
I would’ve add a link for a small visual guide but apparently you are not allowed to do that, since your post won’t be shown in public then (unless you are a moderator or so). I posted something 2 days ago which still isn’t visible yet. So sorry for that.

2.) Keep your menu item as default, not as button or as outline. Add your desired css classes to the menu link itself, which can be found in the WP menu item settings under “Link CSS Classes”. Here you can also use all predefined button classes like “grve-btn-outline” “grve-extra-round” “grve-border-primary-1” to style your menu item to your wishes, like size, color, border radius, hover color, etc. Don’t forget to add “grve-btn” as a default class to make this work correctly.

Hope that helps.


A simple option in the WP menu settings, when Button or Outline is selected, would be much appreciated, to switch between the current 3 presets (default, round, extra round). Or even more advanced a 4th option, to set your own custom border radius.

In gerneral it would be helpful to have some more button options in this area.
I know this will never happen, but a menu item button designer, with (at least some more) options like in the page builder, would be great.
What we have so far is very limited. More options would be appreciated, like custom icon, etc. where it is not just some custom CSS which can fix the lack of some missing features.