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Reply To: Elementor vs Enhanced WPBakery Page builder

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I think the main selling point of Elementor is the front-end building/editing.
It also might be more intuitive but I am not sure about it, I never tried it and I probably never will.
Yes, WPBakery also has this feature, but let’s be honest. It’s more or less useless, at least in its default behavior.
I personally don’t mind this, because working back-end is much more efficient.

The Greatives’ Enhanced Page Builder is so powerful, it gives you almost complete freedom, which is very important to me.
Sometimes I am missing custom options here and there, when I only have the choice of some presets though, or some UI improvements would be appreciated.
But hey, this is just the start of this journey, and I am sure the team have big plans with Impeka, continuously will improve and extend features and our experience, listening to the community.

Interesting to see, Elementor doesn’t get a single vote in direct comparision to WPB. But I also see who voted and I am not surprised by the result.