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Hey Bernhard.

Thanks for your feedback, glad you sorted it.
I agree, more options also adds to overall performance and I also prefer to adjust more in-depth customizations via CSS.
Sometimes you still need some more options, because you can’t add something with CSS. First, it needs to be there to customize it yourself.

But if you are trying to set the menu item border radius in the general theme button settings, you should recognize yourself, something is missing.

This is such a basic option, which should be available, as soon as you offer the option for a button – for each menu item individually.
Yes, your solution might be sufficient for someone who knows CSS or has a very basic menu.

I mean we could discuss that topic further, if the border-radius would be handled via the menu item link, but it is handled by its parent class, for whatever reason. So I don’t even have the chance to manage my classes in the menu settings itself.